An End of Year ‘Intentional Prosperity’ Makeover

This past weekend I was able to take a break and finally get into the holiday spirit after some “merrymaking” with friends.

Sumptuous dinner, chocolate, laughter, love, and gratitude!

This time of year I’m also VERY focused on an end of year “revenue makeover” in my business…
Maximize existing revenue and giving opportunities, potential funding for new projects,
as well as sequencing new strategies for the coming year.
2014 will be a big expansion year for me–and for you as well—and it all starts NOW.

This is the time for clarity, focus and to get very INTENTIONAL about the results we’d like to create in our business.

I want to invite you to do your own REVENUE MAKEOVER in the coming weeks and end the year feeling complete, prosperous and prepared for the New Year ahead.

Join me for a complimentary THREE part Intentional Prosperity teleseminar series starting 12/5.
I’ll share real, no-nonsense strategies you can focus on right now.

Just opt-in to the box on the right at

On our calls together, you’ll discover
–Ways to increase your existing revenue without adding new customers.
–How to attract new customers quickly and with minimal effort.
–Funding and other resources you can access to make it all happen for you.

I’m so grateful to what’s been unfolding in my businesses and I’d like to share
what’s working–with YOU– in the coming weeks.
Just go to and sign in to the right for my complimentary teleseminar.

I look forward to “seeing” you then.

About Maria Simone

Maria Simone is the Founder of Passion To Prosperity International and a transformational Business & Funding Strategist, speaker, and author who combines business wisdom with a spiritual twist. She has mentored thousands of business owners with systems, structure, funding and sharing their talent with the world. Since her days in the corporate pharmaceutical world, Maria has started 4 businesses, raised over $10 million in funding and has been responsible for generating millions in revenue. Maria’s talents lie in not just sharing strategy but in making clear distinctions about prosperity and creating abundance. She is the author of “Passion to Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills And Talents”, has been featured in Success Magazine and has made appearances on ABC and Fox TV. Maria proudly serves as a Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, and hosts the acclaimed Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit.

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