Mentoring from Maria Simone…A comprehensive 7-Step Enlightened Business Building System where the emphasis is on attracting capital and the right support team if you’re a Start-up OR creating dramatic shifts in revenue for existing businesses.

  • Sequencing of exact “next steps” towards achievement of defined goals and milestones.
  • Creating a system to quickly monetize your talents, your ideas and your network.
  • Building a sales and marketing “funnel” to support the passive sales of your products.
  • Choosing the most cost effective technologies to use in product creation, manufacturing, promotion and sales.
  • Access and direct exposure to Maria’s extensive networks of potential buyers.
  • Access to a variety of proven templates, contracts, and scripts to help accelerate results.
  • Taking an “enlightened” and socially responsible approach to growing your business.
  • Personal transformation designed to help you create a joyful ease and flow while effortlessly attracting team, customers and resources.
  • Understanding how to create powerful and profitable Joint Venture alliances in business to help you quickly expand into new markets.
  • Intuitive support from someone who has successfully launched multiple businesses, raised millions in funding and has created millions in revenue in both online and offline businesses.
  • Strategies using your business as a “force for good”—Prospering while making a difference!

Maria brings a unique combination of skills, talents, experience, and connections to all her clients and strategic alliance partners!

Maria Simone
is a Transformational Business & Funding Strategist, speaker, author and the new voice of Enlightened Capitalism. She has helped countless business owners with systems, structure, funding and sharing their talents with the world. Since her days in the corporate pharmaceutical world, Maria has started 4 businesses, raised over $10 million in funding and has been responsible for generating millions in revenue. She is the author of “Passion To Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents”. She’s been featured in Success Magazine and has made appearances on ABC and Fox TV. Maria is the Creator of Intentional Prosperity Business Funding System, the 7-Step Enlightened Business Building Blueprint and Produces the acclaimed Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit (

  • Retired licensed Pharmacist working in high critical areas of hospitals transitioning to Fortune 500 home health management positions.
  • Negotiated multi-million dollar transactions as a “big picture” thinker.
  • Started, grew and sold multiple businesses and has a thorough understanding of the nuances of moving from concept to full scale operations with sustaining revenue.
  • Access to a priceless database of investors, CEO’s, vetted service providers, high profile individuals, marketing databases, etc.
  • Has raised over $10 million dollars from private investors for her own projects and those of her clients.
  • Guides clients with practical business building plus intuition and spiritual principles to always achieve the highest and best good for all.
  • A marketing expert who has achieved success online, has had physical products selling in major department stores and other retail locations, licensing opportunities, and has produced over 200 live seminar and workshop events and is a professional speaker.
  • An expert at building support and advisory teams and crafting profitable joint venture partnerships.
  • Emphasis is on EXPANDING REVENUE as quickly as possible with the lowest costs.

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The following represents a list of some of Maria’s One-On-One solutions for Entrepreneurs who want ACCELERATED results. Choose the solution that best fits your personal and business goals:

1. Strategic Business Consultation $297

Includes a recorded 90 minute telephone session where she will assess your most pressing issues, answer any questions you may have, validate your ideas or existing plan, help you achieve clarity, offer intuitive guidance and give you 3 specific action steps for moving forward.  Includes her program “Passion To Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents” (valued at $47) PLUS 2 tickets to an upcoming Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit valued at $594.

.“Now Money” Revenue Makeover or Capital Coaching $750

Includes TWO recorded 90 minute sessions where she will perform a 4-point assessment of your business, determine your most immediate revenue OR funding needs and create specific written action steps for achieving those goals. Includes templates, original ideas, scripts where applicable, her  program above, email follow-up support, and appropriate connections being made.

. Spend a VIP day with Maria Simone 

If you’re just starting a business, it’s important to know the exact next steps to take to get your product or service to market in the least amount of time while having the greatest impact. We’ll map out the details of you’re new business or create strategic growth and marketing strategies for an existing business. Emphasis will be on developing an actionable plan for creating sustaining abundance in your business.

Your intense, focused, enlightening and transformational day includes:
Includes Pre-Mentoring telephone strategy session plus4-page Business Assessment and
At least 8 hours of scheduled time with you and your team PLUS a luncheon debriefing session.
Email follow-up support for one month.
Valuable intellectual property created during your day becomes the possession of YOUR Company.
Personal introductions made to Maria’s key contacts where appropriate.
BONUS — 3 month complimentary membership in the Prosperity Mastermind Group valued at $299
BONUS —If appropriate, Maria may invite other key members of her team to support you at intervals.
BONUS–2 complimentary VIP tickets to the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit valued at $994.

This day may be done in person or virtually. With the proper sequenced steps in place, you’ll have more clarity, confidence, and new resources at your disposal as you achieve your goals faster.


4. Passion To Prosperity Protégé DIAMOND Six Month Comprehensive Experience

  • WEEKLY  One-on-one strategy sessions as we work specifically on your business agendas. Clarity, planning, building team, funding, setting up systems, product development and creation of sales/marketing campaigns. PLUS emergency check in calls, email support and “Virtual CEO” support                                                                                                                                        …..Valued over $5000
  • THIRTY hours of online content (or attending my Protégé Program LIVE when available) walks you step-by-step into creating more sustaining revenue in your new/existing business. Create a Business Blueprint so you have a plan to execute, structure your online marketing funnel to AUTOMATE many of your business activities, develop products/ services that will quickly get you into revenue, online and offline marketing strategies so you’re attracting THOUSANDS of new prospects/customers with ease, social media marketing that builds your business, funding strategies, learn to charge what you’re worth, and breaking through any obstacles you may have about money and success. …Valued over $10,000
  • TWO VIP Tickets to the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit                                 ……Value $994
  • Monthly Call-in coaching and Q&A afternoons for 4 months where the spotlight is on you and your progress                                                                                                                      .….Valued at $600
  • Prosperity Mastermind Group for 6 months —monthly coaching and intention setting group calls                                                                                                                                      ……Valued at $582
  • ADDITIONAL BONUSES—We’ll gift you programs focusing on wealth creation, branding, publicity, creating instant revenue streams, and developing a conscious business    .      .…Valued over $1300
  • FOUR hours of Virtual Administrative support —allow my team to help you with systems and structure                                                                                                              .….Valued at $100
  • Producing of a PHYSICAL or DIGITAL product for you that you can sell over and over again online or give away as a FREE offering                                                                               .….Valued at $500
  • ACCESS to Maria’s network of  influencers/celebrities/investors/solution providers…Priceless
  • PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT via Maria’s database and other networks                  … Priceless

. Passion To Prosperity Protégé PLATINUM Twelve Month Comprehensive Experience

  • INCLUDES the Passion To Prosperity Protégé DIAMOND Experience      …..Valued over $19,000
  • INCLUDES ONE VIP Day with Maria Simone                                                  …..Valued over $3,5000
The following represents a list of some of Maria’s GROUP EXPERIENCES for Entrepreneurs who want ACCELERATED results:
  • Prosperity Mastermind —Monthly support program, $97
  • Intentional Prosperity Business Funding System — Quick revenue and funding strategies to help you launch your start-up or grow an existing business, $497
  • Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit featuring FundRAISE Investor Pitch event—3 day LIVE business building event for Enlightened Capitalists , $297
  • Vibrational Marketing Intensive — LIVE 2 day event specifically focused on innovative sales, marketing and publicity strategies intended to expand your reach and grow your revenue, $997

“I’ve made millions in revenue over the years but when it was time to expand my media company, I knew I wanted to understand how to bring in additional resources besides using my own money. Maria has a gift for determining what your needs are and crafting strategies that allow you to quickly acquire the funding and resources you need to take your business to the next level. I can see how my dream will get funded thanks to Maria.”     ~Les Brown – #1 Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Radio Host




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